Private lessons are 55 minutes of one on one time with me.  This is time devoted solely to your goals and needs, totally individualized.  Private lessons are a great way to make a great deal of progress in a short  amount of time.  It is particularly important for singers working on honing their practice skills to get feedback.  It is also the best format for vocalists working on improving their technique.  

Classes are a cost effective way to improve and benefit from a community of musicians.  Group singing classes are excellent for beginners since the basics of healthy singing are true for everyone.  Shy students have the advantage of vocalizing in a group at first.  I cultivate a safe and supportive atmosphere for all participants so that the first experience of singing in front of others is an empowering one.  Classes that may be offered are: Singing Basics, Audition preparation for Honors Chorus, Audition Preparation for Colleges, Audition Preparation for Musical Theatre, Bringing Your Song to Life, and The Power of Practice.

Special Projects - Do you need a custom solution?  Contact me for a consultation and I will craft a program just for your organization.  Does your chorus need some help?  Do you need a vocal expert opinion on your curriculum?  A masterclass or keynote speaker?  I love creating new projects and helping people find just the right information to solve a problem!