Improve Your Speaking Voice

Some of us depend of our voices to make our living.  Teachers, clergy, sales, counselors, trial lawyers, and corporate trainers sometimes must speak for several hours a day.  When one is placing these kinds of demands on the voice, it is imperative to care for it well!  



for 25 minutes



for 55 minutes

Lessons might address

  • How to retrain harmful habits
  • Projecting your voice without strain
  • Strategies for conserving your voice
  • How to find the right health professionals in case of vocal injury
  • When to call and cancel and when to push through


Speaking Voice Coaching can be done successfully online or in person.
To schedule an in-person coaching, email
To schedule an online coaching, click the link below! 

Note: We do not provide speech therapy. If at any point I think you require an evaluation of a licensed speech language pathologist, I will help you find the right one for you.