One-on-One Singing Voice Lessons


The fastest way to improve your singing is a series of one-on-one lessons.  The lessons are customized with your goals in mind.  Specific feedback can help students improve very quickly!  

My role is as a facilitator to help you reach your goals.

Private courses


for 25 minutes


for 55 minutes

Lessons might address

  • Vocal health
  • Practice Habits
  • How to Warm Up
  • Technique Issues Such As Posture, Breath management, tone and resonance, and articulation
  • Repertoire
  • Audition Preparation
  • Ear Training


Weekend lessons may be taught at Ms. Whaley’s home in Garner, NC.  Email for scheduling

Weekday evening lessons are taught at the Hayes Barton Baptist School of Music and should be paid for with link below.