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Why the Name “Pharos Music Studio”?

What is “pharos”?  A pharos is a lighthouse, a guiding light.


As a teacher, this is what I strive to be - one who helps others find their way.  Learning a skill like music or retraining your speaking habits can be disorienting.  At the beginning, we don’t even know what questions to ask or what the process of learning with be like.  As we learn more, new questions and challenges arise.  The right teacher will keep you on course toward your goals.  As you learn and others see you sing your song, you become a “pharos” as well.


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Our Services

We offer a range of services to support the development of independent musicians: singing lessons, beginning piano classes, sight singing courses. Need help with your speaking voice - can help with that too. Take a look below to get more details.



One-on-One Singing Voice Lessons

The fastest way to improve your singing is a series of one-on-one lessons.  The lessons are customized with your goals in mind.  Specific feedback can help students improve very quickly!  

My role is as a facilitator to help you reach your goals.

Lessons might address

Vocal health
Practice Habits
How to Warm Up
Technique Issues
Audition Preparation
Ear Training


Lessons are taught at Temple Baptist Church, 1417 Clifton Street, Raleigh, NC.  Email jeanmwhaley@gmail.com to schedule an introductory lesson.

Improve Your Speaking Voice

Some of us depend of our voices to make our living.  Teachers, clergy, sales, counselors, trial lawyers, and corporate trainers sometimes must speak for several hours a day.  When one is placing these kinds of demands on the voice, it is imperative to care for it well!  

Lessons might address

  • How to retrain harmful habits
  • Projecting your voice without strain
  • Strategies for conserving your voice
  • How to find the right health professionals in case of vocal injury
  • When to call and cancel and when to push through



for 25 minutes



for 55 minutes


Speaking Voice Coaching can be done successfully online or in person.
To schedule an in-person coaching, email jeanmwhaley@gmail.com
To schedule an online coaching, click the link below! 



Sight Singing Demystified Class

Have you always wanted to look at a piece of music and know what it sounds like?

Would you like to learn music faster and easier?

Do you want to ace the sight-singing portion of your next audition?

Do you need to be able to teach yourself a piece of music?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you!

To many people, music notation can seem mysterious and confusing.  But with the right guidance, it can become as easy as reading words!  We start from the very beginning and learn to recognize at a glance the most common patterns in music.  You might be surprised at how fast you can begin to recognize them!  Because this is a class setting, you’ll be singing with others rather than by yourself, which really takes the pressure off.  

Some of you who already read music pretty well may notice that the skill gets rusty when you don’t use it for a bit.  If you need to brush up your skills for an upcoming audition, or just want to sharpen your skills again, this is class is a perfect review!  

NOTE:  This class is on temporary hiatus.  To be notified of when this class will be offered again, please join our mailing list.  


Questions or Need Consulting On what to do? Email us here and we could chat.

Piano Classes

Piano skills are helpful for all musicians.  When I realized how many of my voice students needed help with piano skills, I sought out the best possible approach to help them.  Music Moves for Piano is an excellent curriculum engaging for students young and old.  

It was developed by Marilyn Lowe in consultation with Dr. Edwin Gordon who pioneered research into how we really learn music skills.  This approach emphasizes the development of audiation - the ability to think in music.  Inner hearing is another way to describe audiation.  

In group lessons, we move, sing, and play.  Students learn by observing others, playing with others, and collaborating on group compositions. This approach fosters playfulness, creativity and improvisation while introducing music notation at the proper time.  

It's fun!  You won't have to nag your child (or yourself) to practice.  Promise. 

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About Your Instructor

I’ve always felt that I’m making the most music I can possibly make when I’m singing.  I love the physical sensations of singing as well as the sound.  It fascinates me how intimately connected the voice is to emotion.

When I realized how many of my voice students also needed piano skills, I searched high and low for the best materials.  I'm so excited to use the Music Moves for Piano curriculum.  It is grounded in  excellent research and it's quite fun!

Teaching and learning have always gone together for me.  I often gain a deeper understanding of a skill or concept when figuring out how to communicate it to someone else.  And as soon as I “get” something, I want to share it.

- Jean Whaley

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